Kathleen was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. Since childhood, she has had a passionate longing to create. In her early twenties, with an explorer’s spirit and pencil and sketchbook in hand, she travelled throughout northern Canada drinking in the endless and varying landscapes. The natural environment continues to be the source of her artistic inspiration.

Kathleen studied fine arts in Northern Alberta in 1982, and this is where Kathleen found a passion for painting. Although for several years Kathleen raised a family and set aside exhibiting her work, she continued to explore her artistic style.

She has developed a distinct style of oil painting with the use of palette knives. She paints instinctively, allowing the painting to evolve as she works, drawing on memories of landscapes seen or landscapes imagined. What emerges are expressive abstract landscapes that are rich with texture. Kathleen’s unique approach to landscape painting can also be found in her watercolours and inks. Regardless of what medium she chooses, she encourages the viewer to share her outdoor journeys and her great appreciation for the natural environment.

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