Artist Statement Kathleen Gallagher

My paintings reveal the colours and textures of nature; however, they also represent my emotional responses to what I have seen. I paint in a more abstract style because I merely want to suggest where I been, what I felt. I want the viewer to draw on their own memories, their own imagination, experience their own reactions. I find inspiration in the raw and rugged textures of nature. While most of my work represents the coastlines, forests and mountains of British Columbia, where I am blessed to live, there are interwoven elements from my outdoors travels throughout Northern Canada.

I create expressive abstract landscapes. I start by layering paint with my palette knives and begin forming texture. At times a landscape I have seen materializes in some form, other times the layers and textures develop into a purely imaginative landscape. Whether I am working with watercolours of oils, I want to share my appreciation of nature and the desire to preserve it.

Textural Techniques